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Spice up your wellness solutions with our fun and engaging seminars. Give employees the right tools and the motivation to succeed!

Spice Up

Add flavor to your employee wellness programs with the help of our engaging seminars. Our on-site seminars are tailored to entertain and motivate audiences, to help employees laugh at their bad habits and discover the joy of adopting new, healthier habits. Choose from a diverse set of topics that give your workforce the complete set of tools and the structure to include good nutrition and consistent physical activity into their lifestyle.


Motivate Employees

Healthy living is a process that takes dedication and time. A boost of motivation, coupled with the right information, is what we all need to keep us on the healthy path. We’ll get everyone on board the health mission with our interactive and fun seminars and workshops!

Develop Healthy Habits

Was Rome built in a day? Neither are healthy habits. Our seminars help employees understand the small steps they can take today to develop solid and life-changing habits that can truly transform their lives.

Engage and Entertain

What builds engagement? Having employees interact beyond their daily routine. When your staff gets engaged in fun and entertaining activities, they work and collaborate better – increasing productivity and building a strong culture.

Our workshops are completely personalized. We create unique presentations that are relevant to YOUR group's needs. Curious to see some examples?

Here Are the Most Popular Healthyvore Workshop Topics!

How to Build a Healthy Life: Going from Reactive to Proactive

Most of us have an endless to-do list. Healthy eating and exercising are always the ones to get postponed for “tomorrow” pretty much indefinitely. Then a friend’s wedding, a reunion or a dire health problem appear. And we start looking for the cookie-cutter solution. This engaging presentation teaches practical solutions that help employees go from a reactive state to proactive attitude about their health. By the end of this presentation attendees will have the right tools to develop a plan for accomplishing health goals and incorporating healthy habits even in today’s fast paced, extremely demanding lifestyles.



How to Transform Your Workplace into a Wellplace

Are you always on the run? Do you eat at your desk? Do you skip meals often? When is the last time you went for a walk/run? This presentation brings balance to the busy, and often stressful, life that employees lead. The insights drawn from this seminars will help employees to design a healthy working environment and tap into the best wellness practices to maintain a much needed work-life balance.

Busting Stress: Practical Ways to Relax in Stressful Situations

Stress is creeping up everywhere. Whether at home or at work, employees are becoming more and more affected by high-stress situations. And as a result, they become more susceptible to diseases, they develop sleep problems, weight gain and digestive issues. While you can’t run away from it, you can learn to manage stress. In this highly interactive seminar, employees learn practical techniques that help reduce stress levels, including breathing and calming exercises.



Build It. Fuel It. Shred It.™

The main focus of this seminar is to help audiences understand healthy food sources. Are carbs a bad idea? Should you consume fats? Why are proteins important and how much should you consume? How can you decipher food labels? This seminar answers these questions and more! It provides a simple 3-step plan to eating healthy and nutritious food, without being caught in the latest fads and marketing gimmicks. Participants will be refreshed and motivated for change and they will feel empowered to achieve their weight loss and healthy living goals.

Fully Charged

This entertaining and energizing workshop centers on the key ways to boost and maintain high energy levels. Participants learn how to achieve optimal energy throughout the day, without any sugar, caffeine or supplements. It is the perfect seminar to help employees beat the dreaded afternoon slump. They will understand the ideal foods and exercise routines that finally beat the vicious cycle of energy peaks and valleys. It is the ideal seminar to help participants to shift their daily habits in order to use their energy input optimally.


Why Choose Healthyvore:

      • Business experience across a variety of industries
      • Clear focus : plan design, incentive management and tracking strategies that are focused on ROI
      • Fully personalized initiatives that fit your company’s needs and culture
      • Certified consultants accredited by professional fitness and nutrition associations
      • Unlimited email and phone support for the entire period of the assignment.

What Clients Say

I contacted Corina because of her inspirational background and expertise in the field of Corporate Wellness. From the get-go, Corina was professional and flexible in our needs and schedule. The workshop went beyond our expectations and we especially appreciated its practicality. Her enthusiasm and passion for the topic shined through. All in all, we were extremely satisfied with Corina’s services and would be more than happy to work with her again.
Leesa Hung, President, John Molson Human Resources Association
Corina has a very practical approach to Health and Wellness and has excellent communication skills. During her presentation at Cargill she provide us with valuable health and fitness advice and inspired everyone to place health as a priority in their life. Her energetic personality and corporate experience were a great fit for our department.
Laura F., BU Analyst, Cargil
Corina is an excellent presenter. She is a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and dedicated from the initial email to the last minute of her presentation. She is able to break down information in clear, easy-to-follow steps and makes it possible for her audience to feel a bit closer to their healthy goals.
Alex B., Business Development Manager, DOTRO Telecom
Corina is a great presenter. The content of he workshop was very interesting and all the workshop activities were very well put together!
R.A., HR Team Member, Target
Very informative. The session showed me the importance of having a wellness program.
A.V., Supervisor, Pharmaprix
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