Healthy, Quick and Easy Recipes That You Can Trust!

Part cookbooks, part healthy eating blueprints, our cookbooks help you create the ideal food menu for a busy workday!

  • Create balanced meals that keep you energized and that help you reach your health goals
  • Added tips and variations to help you choose the right ingredients and portion sizes whether at home or dining out
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What Are People Saying About the Books?

Easy, healthy recipes that has everyone raving! Why? They are full of mouthwatering meals that are good for you!

Quick Fix Healthy Breakfasts

I wanted to start off the New Year more focused on healthy eating and this book helps a lot. I wanted to find some variety in my morning meals and found it here. There are many choices –actually set up a 14-day rotating plan and love that they are all 300 calories or less. Lost 5lbs just paying attention to my morning meal. BUY it! Review Buy Your Copy

Slim Down Snacks

This is a book that I really need! I’m trying to watch my weight, but I have trouble staying satisfied. The author describes foods […] that are meant to be not only filling, but tasty as well. As an added plus, the author gives WeightWatchers Points Plus, as well as nutrition facts.
~MarcyBuy Your Copy

Slim-Down Healthy Sandwiches

If you are looking for something different AND healthy, you will enjoy this cookbook. I’m not big on cooking so this book seemed like a good choice – sandwiches. Beautiful pictures, different ways to use common ingredients with sauces/spreads for a new taste experience. Love that it has all the nutritional information. Even my favorite egg salad sandwich has a new twist. I’ll be using this a lot.
~Cheryl EatonBuy Your Copy



Wellness Motivational Posters to Boost Engagement!

Give your office a boost of wellness motivation! Some the world’s wises, funniest and most inspirational health quotes to inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals!

  • Pre-framed options available for each design
  • Awesome hand-printed designs that look amazing both on their own or behind a glassed frame.
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Inspiring, colorful and beautiful, purchased a few immediately. Great messages, motivation to any workplace.
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Recent Review

A poster from OfficeVitamins is inspiration, health and motivation all rolled up in one great product. Our office environment benefits daily from these great prints.
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Having OfficeVitamins’ inspiring posters around our workspace is like a motivational speaker or a health coach being at the office everyday. Love them all!
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