Summer is finally here, and that means we can finally enjoy a rainbow of delish fruits and vegetables in their natural state. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to get vitamins and minerals. One-a-day eat your heart out!

So here is a list of amazing fruits that summer is bringing to us. You can read the full list of summer vegetables here. Enjoy all their goodness and a happy, healthy you!


Oh, boy did I miss fresh apricots. They are the perfect fruit for snacking and they taste amazing with some almond butter. Plus the beta-carotene and vitamin A make them even better.


The perfect source for manganese! Sure, blackberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber, but we have to give them to most credit for manganese. 100g of blackberries give us 29% of the daily recommended value of manganese. Where else can you get that kind of service?


Free radicals you have FINALLY met your match. Not only do blueberries taste like heaven, but they also are heaven for our bodies. They slow the aging process and they can even reduce the decline suffered by Alzheimer’s patients. No wonder they call it a superfood!


I hope one day they discover that mangoes make you look young forever. This would explain why I can’t stop eating them and an excuse to eat even more of them. For now, I’m happy that they have a lot of vitamin-C, folate and fiber.


Can you think of a better desert that fresh peaches and cottage cheese? It’s like eating cheesecake minus the calories. Peaches are a great way to cut a sweet craving and not feel guilty afterwards.


Another berry to love. And boy do we have a lot of reasons to. Folic acid, antioxidants and vitamin-C are just a few of the reasons. My personal favorite is the fact that they make Greek yogurt taste like ambrosia. Don’t you agree?


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I saved the best for last, but definitely it is close to that. I can’t think of a better way to end a hot summer day than with a wedge of watermelon. It’s filling (lots of water), it’s sweet and you feel like you burn more calories by chewing it than eating it. Someone needs to get the memo and create more fruits like this!

Which is your favorite summer fruit? Leave us a comment below.