Tim Ferriss recently in his book revealed two tricks that helped him control his blood sugar and also kept him longer in the fat-burning mode. Tim tested three pre-meal that included vinegar, lemon juice and cinnamon. These are the three substances many websites talk about that help in reducing blood sugar response of a meal and also help in maintaining a lower level of insulin. These three substances were tested separately.

To much disappointment, the pre-meal vinegar test failed. Both the balsamic and white vinegar were tested. Neither of them showed any sign of lowering blood sugar. He also tried with drinking three table spoon of vinegar before meals, but no effect on blood sugar was noticed.

Satisfactory result was found for lemon juice. He found that the blood sugar response to meal fell by 10% when he used three table spoons of squeezed fresh lemon juice. Thus fresh lemon juice before meal can lower the blood sugar response to meals and help in controlling the levels of insulin, which again helps in prolonging the body’s fat-burning mode. This also helps in preventing carvings as well.

Another score was achieved for cinnamon. There is no secret that cinnamon helps in reducing blood sugar response to meals, and several studies have reported that cinnamon also helps in reducing as much as 29% of the glycemic response of meals. There are different cinnamons available; therefore it is a matter of concern which one works best. Tests on Saigon, Cassia, and Ceylon cinnamon revealed that all these to some extent help in controlling blood sugar. Saigon was found to be the most effective, followed by Cassia and Ceylon. However, caution must be paid if you are on medication and opt to take cinnamon. So consult your doctor before you take it.

You may try of any or all of these three pre-meal substances and see for yourself the results of how it can control your blood sugar response, prevent carvings and stay in your fat-burning mode for a prolonged period.