The holiday season is here. And what better time to look back and see what we have done this past year. To learn from it and make sure the next year is even better.

2013 has been an full year. For Healthyvore, it meant a re-brand, a new wellness partner and the addition of new services. But most importantly it meant giving back.

To begin with, we have supported local farming and food businesses in over 6 countries (including Peru, The Philippines and Rwanda) through our Healthyvore team. Locally grown food supports communities and healthy development, and this is one of the key functions of our mission statement. Moreover, we sometimes overlook the fact that our coffee, fruit and the almighty quinoa come from international locations. Therefore, by helping local framing entrepreneurs to grow their crop we also support the availability of healthy food in our markets.

We have also joined in their mission to solve two of the most devastating epidemics of our time: obesity and diabetes on one hand, and malnutrition and hunger on the other hand. Since the project started at the end of November, we are proud to have donated almost 10,000 calories and look forward to donating even more. If you own a fitbit or jawbone tracking device, I invite you to join there mission. You just need to link your device to the website and they do the rest.

Lastly, on a personal note of giving back, I am excited to end the year fulfilling a long-time dream to collaborate with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Coming from a family who has not been a stranger to heart disease or stroke, I am deeply grateful to be able to support an organization that can one day significantly reduce the hardships these illnesses cause. By collaborating with the Heart and Stroke Foundation right here in Montreal, and helping them have a stronger impact with their workplace wellness initiatives, I also feel I have a broader reach in positively influencing people’s health. I consider this my holiday present!

2013 has definitely been an interesting year for Healthyvore. And we are determined to make 2014 the year of even more milestones.

We look at trends and needs in workplace and personal wellness to create and deliver the best programs and services. And we always listen to what you, our followers and collaborators, suggest on our social media outlets to make our services more relevant and better suited to your needs. Please continue to do that. The more we understand what you need, the better we can serve you.

Thank you for being part of the healthyvore community. I am extremely grateful to be able to celebrate all these milestones with you. And I look forward to adding new ones in the years to come.

Hope you have a healthy and happy 2014!

Sending you lots of energy,

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