Many people love to have coffee. There are many people who drink 3 – 4 cups of coffee every day. However, most people do not drink coffee as a healthy drink or for its health benefits. An important point to note is that there is nothing healthy about coffee the way most people have it making it with a lot of artificial creamers and sweeteners or sugar.

The bright side is that there are ways to make a cup of healthier coffee. Though there is a debate that brewed coffee contain inflammatory compounds and tars that are not healthy, on the flip side coffee also contains good compounds that counteracts the bad ones, and also contain phenolic nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial.

There are a number of ways you can minimize the negative effects of coffee and maximize the positive benefits. The number one way is to not add any sugar or artificial sweeteners that are harmful. Instead what you can do to sweeten your coffee slightly is add half packet of natural stevia or bit of organic maple syrup. The healthiest was to have coffee is black with no sweetener added to it. Avoid having specialty coffees such as frappuccinos and lattes available at the coffee shop. These coffees usually contain a lot of artificial sweeteners or extra sugar. Do not be surprised to know that a cup of coffee at Starbucks or other similar coffee shops could contain 400 calories! So much of calories is bad for you health.

Another way to have a healthy cup of coffee is to have it without any liquid or powdered artificial creamers. These creamers are generally made out of hydrogenated oils and corn syrup solids. Instead of artificial creamer, you can try a bit of ream cream from the organic grass-fed, should you find one. Among other alternatives includes coconut cream or milk. The thick creamy coconut milk contains healthy saturated fats that help in boosting the metabolism and immune system.

You can consider adding cinnamon to your cup of coffee if you are looking for ways to increase its taste along with healthy antioxidants. Cinnamon helps in controlling blood sugar, and not only this, it has a number of health benefits; and on top it makes the coffee tastier. You can also add one teaspoon of organic cocoa powder, non-sweetened of course, to prepare your own cup of mocha coffee. Cocoa boosts the taste of the coffee, and nonetheless, helps in lowering the blood pressure.

So if you are a coffee lover try the above tips to have a cup of healthy coffee!