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25 Easy Cook Recipes For Meatloaf : Quick & Simple Recipes with Ground Meat
by Lori Jane Stewart

Who says meatloaf has to be boring?

The only thing these meatloaf recipes have in common is that they are made with meat (most of them) and are formed into a loaf.

Have you ever wondered who came up with the idea for a meatloaf?

The first mention of it is found in the 5th century Roman recipe collection Apicius.

Meatloaf gained favor with the Dutch and Germans and is still a traditional dish in those regions of the world. Americans were introduced to meatloaf in Colonial times when German immigrants served a mix of pork and cornmeal called scrapple to their families. Meatloaf did not make it into American cookbooks until the early 16th century.

Every country has its own name for meatloaf. In Austria, it is called Faschierter Braten and is wrapped in ham. In Denmark, meatloaf is Forloren Hare and is a mixture of pork and beef with bacon on top. Finland calls their meatloaf Lihamureke and uses only salt and pepper for spice. In Germany, the meatloaf goes by the name Hackbraten and often includes boiled eggs inside. Italian meatloaf is called Polpettone and is often filled with eggs, ham, and cheese.

No matter what you call it, meatloaf is a favorite in any country.

People have experimented with thousands of different ways to make this staple of the family diet, and by introducing new ideas and daring ingredients, the meatloaf has emerged from plain-jane boredom to new heights of culinary delight.

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