I’m constantly on the run. And I don’t mean training for marathons or breaking a sweat on the treadmill (although I do a lot of that too). I am simply referring to the daily inflow of activities, responsibilities, checklists and what not, that I have to take care on a daily basis. A lot of you have asked how do I fit exercise in.

The best way to answer this question is with these three steps:

1. I plan the workout time at the beginning of each week.

While it’s hard to schedule too much time in advance, it’s easier to plan with one week in mind. I like to plan my workouts for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a weekday with lots of running, but that rarely happens. So instead, I pull my calendar and shift things around and look for spots were I can pull in at least 30 minutes of working out and factor in all the rest (prep, travel to the gym, shower, etc). This way I know I will have all my 3 workout days in, even if that means this week I will work-out Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

2. I make a plan of each workout in advance.

A lot of people plan their work-outs. Most guys plan a chest and biceps day, a leg day, etc. What I do is to plan not only the muscle groups but the actual exercises and number of reps if I am working on strength training or what type of cardio will I do and the amount of time. Staying organized in this manner helps me not only stay on track with the amount of “gym time” I get in one week, but also with how effective I am with  the workout.

3. I squeeze in 30 minutes of HIIT workouts on days when time is really tight.

Sometimes I look at my schedule and it really looks impossible. No way can I fit a whole one hour for the gym. That is when I use high intensity workouts. And this applies to both cardio or strength training workouts. I usually spend 20 -25 minutes on a workout and 2-3 minutes before and after to warm-up/stretch/relax.

Here is an example of one of my go-to workout.

20 Minute Fat-Burning Workout

You will need a pair of weights or resistance band.

Warm-up - 2 minutes

1. Air Squats– 30 seconds (15 counts)
Rest – 15 seconds

2. Mountain Climber – 60 seconds (24 counts – 12 each leg)
Rest – 15 seconds

3. Burpee – 60 seconds (10 counts)
Rest – 15 seconds

4. Plank – 30 seconds
Rest – 15 seconds

5. Sit-ups – 30 seconds(25 counts)
Rest – 15 seconds

6. Bicep Curls – 30 seconds (12 counts each arm)
Rest – 15 seconds

7. Triceps Kickbacks – 30 seconds (12 counts each arm)
Rest – 15 seconds

Repeat the circuit 3 times.

Stretch - 2 minutes.

You’ve made it!

About 20 minutes of a true total body workout! What is great about this workout (other than the long lasting fat burning effect) is that you can do it at the gym OR at home. If the weather is really bad, I chose to do this at home. I just whip out my weights and my yoga mat and transform my living-room in my personal gym.

I might actually create a video showing this workout. What do you think?

Have you tried this workout? Did you find it fun, hard, did you feel the burn the next day? Share your thoughts below.