Every day I get to be inspired by my peers. I have the amazing opportunity to have talks on fitness and nutrition with friends, family, clients and colleagues. On some points we agree, on others we disagree. Nevertheless, every conversation is a way for me to learn.

Whether I learn about a brilliant new food, recipe, workout or whether I learn how to be more candid in my expression of the great benefits of healthy living, I constantly grow. Even when I fail (yes that happens!) to validate the benefits of healthy living and that it is possible to live a balanced professional and personal life, and an affordable healthy lifestyle, I learn. The next time I know how to be a better advocate. The next time I will know how to make a better point.

But today I will not talk about failure. Today I will talk about success. I had the honor to talk to one of my MBA colleagues about the benefits, trades-off and motivations behind his own healthy lifestyle. He is a true ambassador of the Healthy Carrot lifestyle! He is successful on many levels and he believes the healthy lifestyle he chooses to live has helped achieve most of his triumphs. He is aware of the dedication it takes, but he believes that once you start you can never go back. You just feel too energized to want to go back to your  old “habits.”

Here are his secrets:

1. Have a full blown breakfast

A typical breakfast includes scrambled eggs with one yolk in summer and 2 yolks in winter, whole wheat toast and oatmeal with milk. Sounds like a lot, but not when you are 6 feet tall and have this daily guy’s schedule.

2. Eat every 2-3 hours

Snacks include an “orange fruit” such as oranges, peaches, mandarins or baby carrots and in the afternoon a serving of raw nuts or nut bar. He also makes sure to eat a fruit such as a banana or apple one hour or so before the gym and recover with a protein shake with milk once his workout is over.

3. Steam or bake, never fry

Lunch and dinner are very similar. Most of the times they are made of some sort of baked or steam fish or chicken with rice or potatoes and some fresh or steamed veggies.

4.  Gym time IS the schedule

The gym schedule is fixed and does not get postponed. If friends want to go for drinks during the week, he skips it all together, especially if it is during gym time. Fit people do not “fit” gym into the schedule. Gym IS the schedule. His typical workouts include plyometrics and strength training with some weekend soccer for some serious cardio time.

5. You can cheat sometimes

He loves to workout and eat healthy. But too much of a good thing is bad sometimes. Weekends are left for occasional cheat meals, because honestly, who can say no to a muffin?

What are your secrets to stay fit, healthy and energized? Share your comments below.