4 Great Foods to Have Before Working Out

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Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are a great source of energy. Yes they have some fats, but the good type of fat. A handful of mixed seeds and almonds is a great way to nourish your body before running. It’s light enough not to weigh you down when you run and rich enough in nutrients to keep you going for that ambitious 5K that you are planning!
Nut Butters

Tired of nuts? Then give nut butters a try. They are packed with a ton of nutrients and energy fuelling properties.

How do you spot a healthy nut butter jar? The ingredient list should say: made out of almonds, peanuts, etc. Just that. No high fructose corn syrup, sugars, or blah blah blahxyl, you know all those weird sounding chemicals.

However, nut butters can be high in calories, so limit your serving to 1 or 2 tablespoons.


Bananas are my go-to fruit for a pre-run snack. They are packed with fiber, which helps me feel full longer and potentially help ward off muscle cramps, which can appear after a longer run.

If I feel hunger creeping up right before hitting the gym I often top off a banana with a teaspoon of almond butter, for an extra kick of energy and nutrients.

Granola Energy Bars

A great choice, but be aware of “hidden dangers”. Supermarkets are full of all sorts of granola bars. So, how can you spot the good and the bad? Read the label!

You are looking for a bar that is less than 250 calories and has the right amount of carbs, protein and healthy fats. Same as the nut butters, find bars that have no blah blah blahxyl, you know all those weird sounding chemicals, are low in sugar and are made out of natural ingredients. Trust me, they exist.

If you can’t find one, diy-it (aka cook it yourself). You can find an easy recipe for my homemade cereal bar in my book “Healthy Breakfasts Under 300 Calories.”

What are your go-to pre-workout snacks? Share your questions and comments below.