The other day I walked in a kitchenware store and saw 5 super cute sayings written on a set of tea cups. I thought the ideas were brilliant and I added a few of my own. Concise and effective!

The Healthyvore Simple Healthy Tips

(ok, I did not come up with all of them, but I definitely believe in them)

Less Alcohol, More Tea – more water even. The occasional glass of wine is accepted, but racking up on cocktails is seldom a good idea. Have one and enjoy some lemonade for the rest of the night.

Less Meat, More Vegetables – if meat and you are best friends, try to balance your daily intake and choose lean meats. A burger here and there, is ok. But fish, chicken and turkey should be your go-to.

Less Salt, More Vinegar – I’m biased, because I love vinegar, but try it next time. It’s a great substitute (lemon too, by the way).

Less Sugar, More Fruit – it pretty much says it all. All the taste, minus the calories.

Less Eating, More Chewing – we seriously need to do more chewing. We are so used to eating on the go that we forget to actually chew our food. So let’s try to spend an actual 10 minutes eating. Our digestive system will be forever grateful!

Less Words, More Action – I’m not going to lie. This one is one of the hardest. If I talk with my hands, does it count? I thought so…

Less Greed, More Giving – I couldn’t agree more! Part of the healthy for the soul. If you haven’t done it yet: volunteer. It’s a great feeling. No cupcake can make you feel that way!

Less Worry, More Sleep – I need to repeat this like a mantra to make sure I follow it. But seriously, I really hope to stick to this one. I don’t need extra wrinkles.

Less Driving, More Walking – or biking, or jogging, or dancing. Let’s move more. Period.

Less Anger, More Laughter – not the easiest thing to do sometimes, but a laugh is worth 1,000 words. Oh, no that was a picture..sorry. I hope I made you laugh at least.

Have a healthy day!

What are your healthy habits? Share your thoughts below.