Who hasn’t heard someone say, “Well, you know…an apple a day!…” in response to your remark about not feeling well? Many of us have probably heard that adage since we were children, and we know that eating fruits and vegetables is better for our health. But is there a reason that apples have been recommended as a part of one’s daily diet for decades? Yes! And this article explains why that is true – http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/04/110412131923.htm

Our ancestors may not have understood exactly why it was good to have apples as a regular part of their diet, but they were right in their belief that apples are significantly good for you even over some of the other fruits we enjoy frequently. Apples do have some ingestible advantages that we can enjoy the benefits of when we consume them on a regular basis so read this article and then head to your local grocery store for your favorite type of fresh apples available there.