Are you ever confused by all the warnings and hype about your favorite caffeinated beverages to indulge in during those dog days of summer? This article very clearly explains what the problems are with such indulgences, and how to still enjoy the occasional treat with the healthiest choices possible. I was especially pleased when the author explained how low-calorie and sugar-free options really are not much healthier (if at all) than they full sugar counterparts.

Not only does this article give you the basic facts of what exactly are the problems with your favorite iced coffee type of indulgence, it gives you specific tips on how to enjoy that occasional treat in ways that are healthier and less destruction without losing the taste you desire. So if you (or a loved one) keep condemning yourself for that occasional frappuccino pick-me-up on a hot summer afternoon, stop!

Read this and make smart choices that can allow you to still enjoy the occasional luxury treat.