Most of us enjoyed or at least endured physical education at school during our childhood and vaguely believe it probably was beneficial to us if we stop to consider the topic. But from the very beginning of this article continuing throughout it, you will just want to shake your head at the lack of common sense we have displayed as a whole throughout our nation’s school curriculum. If not directly involved with the education system today, you probably have only heard vague mention or infrequent investigative reporting on how schools are cutting P.E. from their regular daily schedule in order to save money for one thing, but mainly schools are expressing they do not have the time to “waste” on P.E. if the children are to have enough time learning the basics in order to increase standardized test scores.

But as the author points out in, that reasoning is flawed at best…not to mention completely ignorant at worst. And considering all the scientific knowledge we have gained the last 100 years that supports the premise that children must have exercise in order to grow and learn properly, it is absolutely ridiculous for schools to be eliminating physical education from their curriculums. Not to mention the fact that most good teachers understand that students of any age must have that “outlet” of exercise in the school day in order for them to clear their minds and return to the traditional topics bright-eyed and ready to learn more than if they hadn’t been given that opportunity to “blow off some steam” through the very beneficial use of physical education as a regular part of their school day.