Any time you turn on the television these days, you are bound to see trimmed and toned Olympic athletes in various advertisements or as the subjects of countless news stories. If you are like most of us, you covet their bodies in tip-top shape and bemoan the fact that in order to get a similar body, you must do intensive exercise on as little caloric intake as possible. However, that is not how the athletes obtain their obviously top-shape healthy bodies. In order for aggressive exercise to result in such mean and lean bodies, they also have to be aggressive about the other side of the coin – healthy eating habits.

In reality, rarely is a toned and athletic body the result of just one main focus whether exercise or eating right. The ultimately healthy body that wins Olympic medals comes because of focused exercise and focused nutrition. An athlete is not at their best performance if they are not taking in enough fuel to energize the bodies they are building through exercise. And while you may not really want to put the time and energy into the sort of lifestyle changes necessary to create the body of an Olympic athlete, you can incorporate some of their favorite diet tips and gain at least a few of the benefits they enjoy. Check out and see which of their favorite nutritional tips you can add to your daily nutrition intake.