Many people regularly enjoy the physical activity of running and all the benefits it provides, but the mere thought of running a 5K race is enough to make them run in the opposite direction. But running a 5K marathon may not be as hard as you think it is.

This article details where you need to be with your running experience in order to begin training with the goal of completing a 5K run successfully. It details where you need to start, and how long it is going to take in order to be fully prepared to join the triumphant ranks of those who have tackled and ultimately achieved a 5K run. Whether you are new to running or not, you can know exactly where to begin and the daily tasks to conquer so that you can be ready to run your chosen 5K race in just 5 weeks.

It doesn’t just give you step-by-step instructions – which would be helpful enough, but it also gives you the added bonus of a workout key to follow while you are exercising in order to measure whether or not you are working hard enough to achieve your goal.