Quotes are great. Especially on some days. We all need a “pick-me up” phrase to help us push through a hard day. So here is a list of some of my favorite inspiring, thought-provoking, and entertaining quotes about nutrition, food and health. For those days when healthy eating seems a bit of a challenge, these phrases should get you right back on track! And, if nothing else, some are down right hilarious (check-out #12).

Quotes 1-5

Loved the first five? Wait till you read the next ones…

Quotes 6-10

Don’t you just love Julia Child’s quotes? I included another one below:

Quotes 11-15

I guess Jay Leno has a line for everything! Ready for the last set?

Quotes 16-20

There you have it. 20 of the best quotes on health, food and cooking. Which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment below: