Who thought of putting BBQ season and bikini season in the same time? I want to have a word with them! Seriously, it’s like Sophie’s choice here!

The good news is that it does not have to be. Here are the tricks and tips on how to enjoy a yummy barbecue with friends and family and still keep your eating in check:

Tip #1 – Control the munchies

We all know it. You don’t just show up to a barbecue and food is ready (well, unless you are some of my friends, you know who you are!). Most of the times, you start peeling, marinating, chopping and by the time you actually sit down to eat you finished a bag of chips and 3 cookies, not to mention this cool new snack your friend discovered in the supermarket the other day.

So how can you make sure you don’t want to devour all the snacks on the table? Eat something before you leave! Have you ever heard the expression: “Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach?” Same idea here. Grab a small bite before, such as a smoothie, a light sandwich or any healthy snack that is full in fiber. This way you stay feeling fuller longer and it’s easy to stay away from the “bad” stuff.

Tip #2 – Skip the “zels” and “ips”

Ok. I know. You can’t always plan for the “before the BBQ snack”. Does that mean you are bound to either starve till the food is ready or give in to the pretzels and chips? No, of course not! Just munch on something else when you get there. If you know no one will bring some healthy choices, take the lead! Bring some fresh gala apples, strawberries or baby carrots. Keep them handy and you saved yourself and others. It’s funny how people around you will follow your lead. There you go, your good deed for the day!

Tip #3 – Re-invent your meats

You know burgers and sausages are not exactly superfoods, but you also know that it’s not a barbeque without them. So let’s meet half way! Grilled chicken skewers and turkey burgers have the same delicious smokey taste, less the fat and added calories. By doing this switch you can cut the number of calories in half. To make them even healthier, skip the store bought (fatty and sugar pumped) marinades and ask the chef to season your piece with herbs, fresh garlic and onion.

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