Let me ask you something: if every morning your clothes would fit better, and every week the scale would steadily go down would you stick to your workout and meal plan?

I bet I know what you said: YES!

It doesn’t matter how tough your workout routine is, or how hard you are pushing yourself. If you see results you continue doing what you are doing. Results are motivating. It’s human nature. Which brings me to my point. Most of us have a hard time sticking to a workout and healthy eating plan for two reasons:

Number one: we want to see results the moment we step foot on the treadmill. Ok maybe not that exact second. But surely by the time the workout is done.

Number two: we get discouraged the moment we step away from the routine and we see our bodies going back to the way they were. We typically conclude that it’s not worth the trouble. Since after two weeks we still need to eat carrot sticks and bike like Godzilla is after us we just give up.

What is the fix then? How can we stick to the gym, the zumba class, the meal plan, etc.? Two ways:

Rule #1

You can’t stick to something you hate. So don’t go to the gym because you know you have to! Find that one thing that you know makes you feel good and do it. For me this was running. Till this day running is my favorite type of workout. When I decided I was going to lose the extra weight and get healthy, running was my key to success. I would wake up every morning at 6 AM and run for at least 30 minutes. It might seem extreme, but it was not extreme for me. Since I love it so much I could stick to that plan and it worked for me. Find the activity you love and you won’t see working out as a chore, but as a fun activity. Then the results will come pouring in…I mean out!

Rule #2

Weight management is science, not magic! Carrot sticks and cabbage soups don’t work because they are not sustainable. Food is fuel and you can function for a while by using the reserve tank, but sooner or later you need to gas up. So instead of expecting to lose 10 pounds in 3 days (which by the way does not work and can make you sick) opt in for a slower but steadier plan. Make healthy, natural food choices, watch your portions and let your body slowly get to where you want it. Sure, the results are not immediate, but they can be permanent.

What is your go-to workout? Leave us a comment below: