The mainstream media has been promoting canola oil. Media often reported canola oil to be healthy for the heart and that it contains monounsaturated fats similar to that of olive oil. However, the truth is that most of what is head in the mainstream media is a great influence of the great marketing tactics of the large food companies. For the food companies, canola oil is cheap to produce and promote by saying that it is healthy oil, which forces the customers including general people and restaurants to purchase it and keep in their list of main oil.

Canola oil does contain high monounsaturates, but this is oil is not at all healthy. This oil is made from rapeseed, which over the years are bred in order to reduce the percentage of erucic acid, a major problematic component. With a small amount of saturated fat, canola oil also contains 55-65% of monounsaturated fat oils and 28-35% if polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated components of the oil is unstable to a great extent under pressure, light and heat. It also oxidizes polyunsaturates heavily that increases the body’s free radicals. Thus canola oil contributes to degenerative diseases, weight gains and heart disease.

Furthermore, canola oil are usually extracted and refined with the use of petroleum solvents, pressure and high heat. Canola oil usually goes through a process of degumming, deoderization, bleaching and caustic refining, and all of these processes uses questionable chemicals and high heat. These processes and high heat use also forces omega 3 contents to be transformed into trans fats in the canola oil.

So when you decide to buy canola oil the next time, just think about the above points for a minute before you finally purchase it, and do not be fooled by the false and misleading marketing tactics. Your list of oils that are truly healthy should include extra virgin olive oil, Udo’s Choice Oil Blend, Virgin coconut oil and organic grass-fed butter.