It’s summer time and you know what that means! Yes it’s time to head to the beach, but I was thinking more in terms of nutrition, so that means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to chose from. If you missed the post on the best summer fruits you can read it here. Now it is time to get the latest scoop on the great veggies summer has lined up.



Ok, so avocados are technically a fruit, but can you really imagine having an avocado milkshake? It turns out that it is a very popular drink in Indonesia where they blend milk, avocado and chocolate syrup for a decadent drink. I am not sure how I feel about that…Actually, I do! I like my avocados in guacamole, salads and sandwiches.  While avocados are grown year round now, they taste the best in summer when it is their typical harvest period.


Another vegetable sent from above. Cucumbers are practically 99% water which makes them one of my favorite veggie on earth (shhh…don’t tell the other vegetables)! They are great in salads or used for dipping in hummus or layering in a healthy sandwich. Their refreshing taste makes cucumbers a perfect date for almost any food.


Great things do come in small packages. They are loaded with vitamin-C and folate and they give salads and amazing taste. Spicy, yet sweet and crunchy, they are just enough to satisfy us when we have the munchies. Radishes usually start to appear in spring and last until mid summer so enjoy them why they last.


We often forget two things about tomatoes: one, they are not a vegetable, they are a fruit, and two they are a summer veggie (ok, fruit…now I’m confused). Despite the fact that we can enjoy tomatoes year round, they are actually naturally harvested in summer. To get the real taste and vitamins try to enjoy as many tomatoes as you can during the summer months. The best way to get all the nutrients (vitamin-A for example) is to eat them raw in salads and sandwiches. My personal favorite is ripe fresh tomatoes and white cheeses such as feta and fresh mozzarella…I can’t think of a tastier combination!


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Barbecue of course! What were you thinking??? Zucchini is a type of squash that can be eaten in a variety of ways, but the best way is to grill it. Sprinkle a little oregano, a dash of salt, and a drop of olive oil and you just made the perfect summer side-dish. The awesome intake of Riboflavin and vitamin B6 are not bad either.


What is your favorite way to eat summer veggies? Join the discussion by leaving a comment below.