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Corina Tudose is a NESTA certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach, certified Corporate Wellness Coach and a MBA alumna from McGill University. Prior to Healthyvore, Corina worked as an assistant vice-president, hedge fund operations in the greater New York City area. She combines her business and wellness experience to consult small and medium-sized organizations to help create wellness programs that lead to higher employee engagement, optimized workforce productivity and lower healthcare costs.

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Corina is the Founder of Healthyvore. She is a certified Corporate Wellness Coach by the Spencer Institute, and a NESTA certified fitness and nutrition coach. Corina graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. She holds an MBA with a dual concentration in Marketing and Finance from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She has extensive business experience in the Finance and Hedge Fund operations industries, with an eye for data analysis and interpretation. Corina has professional working proficiency in English, Romanian, French and Spanish.


Unique Style

Currently based out of Montreal, Canada, Corina consults small and medium-sized companies across North America and helps them design measurable and sustainable employee wellness programs. She helps maximize the return-on-investment in human capital by applying a personalized approach to employee wellness, based on each organization’s corporate culture and work environment. Corina is equally passionate about giving back to the community. She often serves as a guest speaker for various classes and student organizations at McGill University. She is also a member of the strategic committee of Ethik-BGC, a Montreal-based ethical fashion marketplace and incubator. Moreover, she donates 1% of all Healthyvore proceeds towards supporting local farming through micro-loans.


Publications and Partnerships

Corina is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling books “Slim Down Snacks Under 100 Calories,” “Quick Fix Healthy Breakfasts Under 300 Calories,” and “Slim-Down Healthy Sandwiches Under 400 Calories”. The books are dedicated to quick, healthy recipes which place emphasis on whole foods and no processed ingredients. Corina’s work has also been featured in Mashable, Austin Woman Magazine, Wellsphere, Woot!, and Daily Buzz Healthy Living. She is the main contributor for the Healthyvore blog where she shares insights on new and innovative wellness trends, and quick and easy healthy recipes. Furthermore, Corina is in the process of working alongside Papillon MDC Inc (a Montreal-based executive coaching firm), in the creation of a women’s leadership forum that capitalizes on healthy living.

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